Friday, March 26, 2010

Fix it or buy it!

Am talking about my laptop, lately its been active really weird and so annoying the server run so slow but i tried to tolerate it for several days not until last night i had enough with my laptop i thought of throwing it literally, lol! Anyway, husband is to the rescue i asked him to fix it on the spot otherwise am requesting him to buy a new one instead. Well, i saw some great deal of hp desktop computers and laptops in my online store the other day. So i said "bebe, either you fix it or buy it one way or another he needs to do something because it effects my blogging career and my facebook game you know...LOL! It is so irritating when you are in the middle of something and then it's just suddenly hang on you! Ughhhhh i can't stand that. But when i wake up this morning, was so glad and of course thankful for husband my laptop is all back to normal way fast and healed! It so nice i have my personal computer doctor at all time. Wink!


sexylegsandbody said...

Good husband you have, now you see, you girls cannot get along without us men...haha...

Thanks for visiting my site, I know it took me for ever to get back to you, but I did return the favor. now it is your turn to visit again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

kenwooi said...

did you format your laptop from time to time? i think you should.. =)