Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just me!

This is me just recently being 23weeks and 5days preggy belly. I know i look big already! I bet she is a big baby too like his kuya. He was an 8.5lbs baby when i delivered him, one thing why i went through to CS you know. By now i can really feel her kicks and moves everyday and it feels so great when something moving inside your womb. I can't wait to hold her soon. My in laws are getting stuff ready already, the dresses and everything. I told them not to let me see what they've got for her because i just wanted to be surprise! Gushh, i started to gain a lot of weight now and i am trying my best not to get so huge by eating and munching anything!


blessedmom said...

u still look good mommy she! :) nyways, u mentioned u had CS..i had that too...twice pa! i have 2 little more na hehehe :)

hope u have a healthy and safe pregnancy :) ingats mommy!