Friday, December 5, 2008

I miss our Aquarium!

~ I liked this fish~
I've always been a pet lover. We have our dogs and cat, we also even have chickens and pigs, lol! But that was back in the Philippines, it's kinda different here in the U.S for I can only choose one pet to take care of. I wanted a dog or a cat, but husband doesn't like it so much. He prefers to have a huge aquarium with lots of fish in it. And so we did! We had quite a number of platters and corals but sad to say, they all died. I really want to have the aquarium back, it gives us a sense of calmness, very refreshing, and yet fish are not that hard to take care of. Right now, we are looking for some saltwater fish like angelfish, butterflyfish, and nemo! I mean clown fish. We also want some live corals to decorate the aquarium, to make it as real as possible. Anemoes and live corals are beautiful and breathtaking, the fish will love it, lol!Anyway, do you also want to have your aquarium? I know a site that sells a wide variety of exotic salt water fish, invertebrates, rare corals and so much more! This online superstore, gives discounts and gift certificates. They also provide free shipping for over $220 purchase. We really plan to buy saltwater fish from them. And I"m really so excited to have our aquarium back! How about you? Check out the links now!