Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Laundry!!!

I was shocked when i did the filing of clothes to laundry, my goodness i have 5 batches of clothes to wash right now i couldn't believe just 2 of us adults here excluding my son's a batch of dirty clothes. And we got bunch!! this is only for a week of used! how much if i have 6kids??? hayy makakuyaw!!

Anyway, I always separate his (son) dirty clothes and detergent from us. Just to avoid skin allergy as we all know baby's skin is too sensitive for harsh materials. Well, my filing is from bed sheets and jeans&pants, all the way to towels, whites colors, and of course the smallest fabrics! I just don't throw each and every one together at once besides white of course! I'm so particular with organizing clothes hehe sorry that's just me... MAARTE kaayo si kurdapya! No Wonder I will be stuck for a while in my laundry task today. Hayy kapuy unsaun nlng!