Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going Nuts!

I am so addicted to any kind of nuts, I swear i can't resist the taste of it! Any kind from almonds, macademia, pecan, oh pistachios loved it! one of the expensive nuts haha, and peanut of course. I remember way back in pinas everytime my father bought peanuts either cooked or uncooked. Then family and I enjoy munching and picking the peanuts while watching our favorite shows. Right now, husband always buying me different kind of gourmet nuts, he knows my weaknesses. Well, nuts is really great gifts either for friends and family. Well, I am fixing to send a package any time soon to my family. Why not sending them gourmet nuts! I'm sure they will liked it.

I am so glad i found an online store that sells different kind of gourmet nuts for gifts! in addition they have wide selection of other nutty nuts you can find. Actually you can personalize your own gift cards and they have FREE shipping in multiple addresses. What i love about to is because their presentation is really classy and elegant. Surely the persons or love ones will definitely be happy. And not to mention the price is very reasonable so you can order more!! So if you are nutty lovers? check them out!


'anniniput' said...

wahahaha! pretty ayu ni baby kurdapya!