Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're having a Girl!

Last Monday i had my ultrasound and i planned not to know the gender yet until the baby shower arrives because i want to be surprise. So we asked the nurse just husband should know if it's a boy or girl. Well, my request granted! all my family knows my baby's gender except me haha. Not until today... Dada won't stop teasing and tricking me about it, last night he won't sleep till he can share it with me! i guess its hard for him to keep a secret, that's why i asked him to tell! my wish granted again because we are expecting a baby girl this time and I' am more than happy. Though either way is great but this time i wanted a girl and we found out it is! I'm excited now, we will be complete soon!


Cookie said...

Hello! You're preggy pala. Congrats on your baby girl ha? Good luck!