Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watch for hubby

Just wanna share my excitement today... hehe! while i was doing my rounds to fellow blogger i came to joyB's blog and read some post then i got intrigues to 2post there haha its about jewelry bidding! so I PM her asked about it and we kinda chat for awhile she gave me sort of idea and tips about bidding online jewelry and so on so fort, well i found out lng naman that she's collecting watches and shades haha nabuking naku kung how many!! LOL..
So i did try to find out how it works i counter bids couple of times hoping they will counter bid back but hehe.. the last 50 seconds the result was sold by me! i got this men's watch and a ladies watch unexpectedly haha i was surprised in a good way though. I didn't meant to won the bids it was first time! I got this watch for $10 only compared to the retail prices ohh its a huge different, thanks joy for sharing. I'm going to surprise hubby... just hoping he won't read this! otherwise buking ang plano! but ok lng.


poray said...

diin ni nimo mapalit mami? legitimate ni nga site gikan? tagi ko ug link pls? thanks