Sunday, June 29, 2008

Son is sick...

sickMy Bebe is been sick for 3days now, i feel so bad about him being not feeling good because he can't sleep in the bed well, he keeps waking up every now and then. The first day he just got a fever good thing i gave him some Tylenol, but follows by the next day with a runny nose until now, he keeps sneezing :-(... poor Bebe, if i could only suck his stuffy nose i will really do. All i can do for now is rub him some Vick's in the nose and in his chest at least he gets calm.
Just glad he is eating still but not much though I'm trying to hydrate him as much as possible. It's been 3night straight also I'm not having enough sleep... trying to put him comfortable so i just lay on the couch or kinda lean in the bed until he is sound asleep otherwise he will get choke because of the bad mucus!!! grrrrrrr. I wish he feels better soon... and mommy can back to sleep well in bed! when son not sick all of us here feels so comfy especially during nynite!