Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My BEBE's first in the pool!

~ hotel swimming pool, where we stayed on the weekend ~

This was the first time my son's swimming in a pool and as you can see he was enjoying every seconds of his swims lol. We are having fun just watching his reactions, his squealing so loud and the way he likes the water! Dada really held him tight to the highest level because he wants to jump out of getting so excited! yikes!!!! well, ever since he loves water already that's why every time i take him a bath, I'm having a hard time to pull him out from our bathtub he will scream and wanting to go back! at the pool even he was cold already and his lips was getting purple... hehehe bebe was still laughing and will be kids! If we only live in the Philippines i bet he will love the beaches! unfortunately we don't have! Now i have the reason to really get a decent size pool in our back yard hmmmm we'll see need to save first haha...