Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kids in Action : Chef pretend

While we had lunch at the Italian restaurant one weekend ago, kids got to enjoy the waiting time of our orders to serve in our table. The attending waitress was so friendly, she knows kids were getting bored so she offered and asked us if we allowed them to play some cut out dough. So since it is a Pizza restaurant, we said sure no problem! lol. My kids know about baking because they see it from their mommy in the kitchen. When the dough is in their hands, she exclaimed in a cute voice that she needs a rolling pin and some flours because it was sticking to he hands. She's so funny and people heard about it was also laughing. 

They love pretend games, and i let them discover and learns new things here and there! Then after we had great lunch, they brought the pizza they made and so proud of it, lol!


Jackie Paraiso said...

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