Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Girls Summer Capri Outfit

She's all smiles when she finds out that i made her a new outfit to wear anytime and anywhere, lol. I promised to the lil girl that momshe will make her a summer outfit however it took me longer that i thought i would sew them because as i am hectically busy, you know mommies jobs are never ending! The materials are just seated in the corner until today i thought i could sewed one. So did this Capri outfit in half a day. I am happy i did finished it today so she can wears them tomorrow to go to their grandparents house. They love seeing her well dressed up and cute! Of course credited by the mommy, wink! Anyway, i'll be making more outfit, and YES! I'm back to sewing! Yay me! 

On my second note, mommies who wanted to have this Capri outfit just holler me at fb! I am accepting pre made order. I know this is really cute in the beach or on one fine day in the park or anywhere! You pick your own color too! As well, planning to host some giveaway and an auction webstore. Watchatink?


Rocks said...

very nice!!:)

Shela said...

thank you :)