Friday, April 12, 2013

Pillowcase Dress she loves

Another dress i just made for my lil princess! She loves it so much that she wouldn't taken the dress off, lol. I've found a floral fabric and interlock pink fabric and thought a perfect combo. So i hastily sewed them in a matter of 4 hours got so excited to finished it and give it to her. I made a hair bow to match the entire outfit. Everyone compliment how lovely the dress is, the pattern is so springy and vibrant. One important thing is my daughter enjoys her new dresses that her mom sew it for her! I've sewing several pieces already and everything is pretty and so cute, she can't wait to wear them all. As a matter of fact i offer some to my relative in other state, sending her lil girl some dresses i made as well. Hope she'll love it! Wink.