Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning walk at the beach

Kids haven't been sick lately until we went to Tennessee two (2) weeks ago. Unfortunately Mr.colds caught them there! Probably from tree pollen allergy reaction or they got it around the corner you know, we learned the state has the worst common colds and flu virus going on around. At first we thought, its only my son's pollen allergy however his lil sister got the colds too so i suspect its more than that. Glad we're back to sunshine state and they're getting better everyday with the help of colds medicines. We also thought would be nice to take them to the ocean early morning to get some fresh air (ocean breeze is good when u have colds or flu, it opens your nasal cavity and congestion) of course get some sunshine (morning sunlight has the healing rays for individual who doesn't feel good) I believed it's vitamin D. 

So anyway, last Sunday morning we headed to the ocean boardwalk just 15 minutes drive from home. We walked for 45 minutes from end to end of the boardwalk then going back where we starts. Twas a great feeling afterwards. We're all energized and refresh! Kids had fun along the way. We stopped for rests few time here and there with over looking the waves and sands. I am busy taking pictures while strolling. We planned of doing this routine most often on the weekend. It was our longest walking experienced ever lately! We enjoyed though.