Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So we are back!

We're back from our long 3weeks stay in Florida, got to visit the grandparents with great grandma as well. Vice versa we've missed each others so we are thankful that in the 3 weeks time with them i may say we had  a great moments TOGETHER! The father and son gone fishing several times meanwhile, ladies just spending each others company chatting and chilling out. Had the opportune time also to helped out their large garden and such! Headed back Monday and had the longest drove experienced in our life!! Whew. Total of 14.5 hours instead of 12 hours because we've planted to drove by the coastal line of Atlantic ocean rather than in the boring interstate the entire time! Anywayz, butts hurts, sore backs, stiff necks but all is well and the hours is worth driving for got plenty of beautiful pictures as we go along! Wink!