Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shady Looks

 According to an old man's tale, when you are wearing sunglasses you are up to of something or hiding, uncertain and mysterious, lol. Well for me it doesn't mean like that! Wearing sunglasses is understood to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. These days fashionable sunglasses are very common, all ages is using it! As for me i can't not ride a car or go somewhere without having them. It makes me feel comfortable and protecting my eyes from drying beside the sun rays. These are my randomly selected shady looks. Those shades are my favorites can not live without them in my purse and either one of them must be carried all the time. I put a pair or two in our car as well so, if one is forgotten i have a back up pair, lol. Though I love those all from RayBan style to edgy look. Thanks to the sponsors from Firmoo fashion sunglasses i got them for free!  Others, I got them from my favorite online store GJ. Just saying i am no collecting of sunglasses but i just enjoy having them as my accessory Wink.