Friday, August 3, 2012

They want to have a farm

One of the reasons why the entire family is moving is because of the FIL’s longtime dream that is to have a farm. He’s been discussing it with his kids that after retirement, he wants to have a farm house with lots of crops, a huge garden and maybe some animals too. I guess that dream is going to happen soon. The last time we went house hunting, the husband saw this old Spanish house with a very huge lawn. They love it instantly! They’re envisioning cultivating the area and plant crops, fruits, and vegetables.

I really hope everything will be settled. Right now the husband told me to look for irrigation systems because we might need it once we get there. Well, it’s not that hard to find. I have seen a huge selection of sprinkler heads and other lawn sprinkler system online. Placing it in the yard will make watering plants much easier and it’s quite fun too, to have a sort of shower outside you know. 

So guys, if you’re looking for anything about lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems, garden accessories and tools, pumps, valves, etc. for your garden or farm maybe, just visit the links mentioned above. Should keep this link saved, in case the husband should ask again.