Sunday, August 5, 2012

Making model houses… in my dreams!

Back in collage days, my brother used to make model houses as a school requirement. It was part of his architecture class, making miniature models of parks, apartments and landscapes. That’s when I realized that I’m also fond of interior design because I was the one helping him do the assignment. We made mini chairs, beds, roofing, and so on and so forth out of sticks and papers. T’was really fun! I hope what we did with those mini houses can happen in real life, I mean, it’s just so nice to actually build a dream house! Speaking of, what’s my dream house by the way? I have these ideas in mind and one of them has to do with the flooring and the walls. Much more when I check out Stockett Tile & Granite Company’s website, what they have is exactly what I dream about! While browsing the gallery, I saw this natural/cultured marble bathroom remodel options and where you can get to choose which material you like best for your bathrooms and I honestly can’t decide! Every detail is so beautiful! I particularly love the oriental wall where white and brown tiles matches so well, you’re like in a spa. If you have plans of building your dream house or remodel your homes, better check with them.