Wednesday, June 6, 2012

House hunting

Just came from our trip to Florida major reason is to look for houses that is possible we might like to buy. Just looking here and there, we saw several nice houses on the top of the lists was this one behind me i love love it big garage and built new despite it is a little far drive from the city limit however though kinda doubtful about the neighborhood i hate being in the woods, for honest reason and both side of the house are lands that are not develop yet! Anyway, though we still have several once that we like and maybe one of those will be our new place to stay in Florida! Just excited to move to new place, new adventure and new journey! Wink.


Maria said...

Aww house hunting could be so fun but complicated at the same time :) I hope you find the one :) Goodluck hun =)

Love Always said...

good luck girl

Shela said...

Thank you ladies!!!