Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cool Idea!

(Photo not Mine)

I just had my molars pulled yesterday and for that I'm supposed to be resting now and for the next couple of days. Since I've finished all the chores and timely because we kinda sort all the cluttered stuff here already, I can now sit back and relax a little bit. The husband will be the one to watch the kids in the mean time since I can't move around like the norm. Anyway soon enough we will be moving to FL and we're all getting excited about it. One of my plans when we are there already is to start my newly discovered hobby, which is sewing. I love making dresses for the lil ones and you can see my samples if you scroll down a little. (winks!) But wait, as I was randomly browsing online, I saw this super chic and lovely tee, as you can see above. Oh I just love it! The idea of putting ruffles for the peacock is really cool and unique, and I guess so simple to make. I just need a plain tee, a cloth paint to draw the design and some colorful ruffles. Can't wait to try it soon!