Thursday, February 9, 2012

Online Indiscretions

Many users of social networks do not foresee the possible consequences of disclosing private information. Yet, indiscretion online can catch up with you later in life. According to a school headmaster, which words are quoted in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald, "modern technology means that the careless world, the slanderous comment, the inappropriate photograph or the revealing of someone's private details is on the permanent record and freely available to anyone who has access. This means that mistakes made at 15 may be still retrievable by an employer 10 years later,' said the report.

--A good note to all of us who uses social network. It is a fun place wherein we can meet with friends and family and share updates, whatever up-building. But we have to be careful too. The whole world need not know everything that pops in our mind, much more everything that is happening in our life. We really need discretion all the time.


mikexplorer said...

Courage is a kind of salvation.Suporting bak.