Friday, March 18, 2011

Raising bilingual children

“When children are nurtured with patience and sensitivity, multilingualism can be a source of great fortune for them, their families, and society,” states a newspaper from Mexico City. Studies have concluded that children who speak two languages perform better in school than those who speak only one. Sometimes parents worry when their children mix words from the two languages in one sentence or make mistakes by applying the rules of one language to the other. “But these grammatical ‘mistakes’ are trivial and quickly overcome,” says the report. If the languages of both parents are taught from birth, they are naturally absorbed, and in time, the children will handle them separately.

Well I must say that being a Pinay mom, it happens all the time that I talked to my kids in my mother tongue. I never saw them confused or what, Josh especially just gave me his silly smile. Now he can say some visayan words too and whenever I talk to them, mixing english and visayan, I just know it, they really do understand.


simply kim said...

raising bilingual children may be confusing but i think it depends on who's teaching them and who's talking to them. as long as they are properly guided then i think there is no problem..

JENIE=) said...

this thought have crossed my mind before...that I wish we have a province that have a different dialect just so I can have more languages hehe.

right now my kiddo, 5y/o speaks both english and tagalog. she read and write them too. And with the several cartoons, she's learning chinese and spanish too. Im thinking of making her learn chinese next summer. Not this year because this year she's yet to start schooling. yep, not yet schooling and she sounds like she's in grade1 already. proud mom huh?! Well I am!

anyways, nice to be here again dear. Come visit my latest post and i encourage you to be part of the MEET ME ON MONDAY and get to know more bloggers by heart ;)

genny said...

ang cute sguro pakinggan kung magsasalita sila ng bisaya anoh?hehehe was here..

onie said...

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