Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Very Special Holiday Season

Guest post written by Zac Kinley

I was looking up the internet address for one of my favorite television shows the other day when all of a sudden it dawned on me: 2010 is almost over! Where has this year gone? I seriously have no idea. It seems like just yesterday our sweet baby Jane was born (when really, it was more like April) and now we're setting up to ring in the first new year with her. Oh, how time flies!

We're attempting to make this holiday more special than ever, just for Jane. My wife and I already have a pretty detailed itinerary, chock full of family visits, fun activities and other things to get us in the holiday spirit. We're going to take tons of pictures, too, to share with Jane one day since we're sure she won't remember much of it. But it makes us feel good to be able to spend this holiday with the people that count most: your family.


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hope you will have a blast!

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