Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watching Dora at 3:45 am

My kiddos are really not adjusting yet to the time zone here! It is kinda longer than what we expected. My lil girl usually wakes herself up around 2am then goes her big brother after 30minutes he is running towards us and noisy like they just had their afternoon! Then they want to watch TV and play, as well eat haha! It was cute but it's hard for me and Dada. Then they go back to bed at 5am and sleep through the day till 4pm! Sigh imagine that. But i hope they will get over soon otherwise we like zombies for awhile during the day. Anyway, husband just found out what we can do about it the solution of the problem haha and we will start it today when the sunshine is up! Hope this is effective otherwise we will just wait until their bodies are ready to go back to normal schedule.