Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tough girls

I really admire those women who can and will do a man's job. They're girly in a sense that they put make up on, polish their nails and wear high heels. But knows their capable of doing what others may think just a guy thing. In my case, the husband is a handyman so pretty much he knows everything that lands in his lap. Sometimes I want to help him or at least give it a try. I want to know if I can. Like if I can do some painting stuff, which I already did. If I know how to put the tiles, I mean do the bathroom tiles if ever we want to renovate. If I can drive the tractor, and stuff like that. Oh well, am I just being silly or what? LOL!

Seriously, there are girls whose doing a great job in a guy's world. And I really think it's cool and totally fun. But of course it's so challenging too. I know someone who works for a construction company before. She's the only lady among a hundred employees yet she's not intimidated. Imagine putting the subway tiles, do the roofing, etc. her job is really exciting isn't it? But when she got married, she resigned. Am quite sure you know a lot of tough girls also. All girls are anyway!


JENIE=) said...

tama ka jan!

20th century girls are more "able" that those timid ladies in the early centuries. Then again...sometimes men depends too much on us already and sometimes knowing that we can do it all, then tend to let us!!!