Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We need a mailbox

Hello guys, how's everyone? MomShe is so busy right here right now. You guys probably know we are getting ready for our 2 up coming trips, at Alabama this weekend and the much anticipated one this 2 month from now at the Philippines. I'm so happy and excited but at the same time, my schedule has never been this hectic too, lol! I'm getting things ready for now, will have to start with our mailbox. Seriously, we need to fix the one we have. We don't have a descent number on the mail box to be honest, lol! So the mailman sometimes must knock at our door and deliver letters, bills, and package. He'll have a hard time if we're not around you know.

So I'm browsing for some quality mail boxes at I heard they have the widest selection of mailboxes in the internet. From standards to customized, single unit to post package, etc. I like their mail slots wherein you can attached it to your door so everything that goes inside it wouldn't be lost, it goes directly inside the house. Alright, I hope to find a good deal here. See you around, will keep you posted. Thank you guys!