Saturday, June 26, 2010

nice pajamas!

Everyone who loves pajamas, raise your hands up! I bet there's alot of us who loves this bedroom attire. It's comfortable, light, cute, and sexy. Back home in the Philippines, am always getting a new pair of pajamas, my grandma used to sew something for us her grandchildren. I also know how to make one in fact, t'was a school project and yes, I made a couple of cute women's pajamas. Hmmm.. now I'm thinking of making some for the kiddos, it'll be cute with matching robes I'm sure. But I'm so busy and such task would be the least of my priority.

Anyway, there's no problem. I can buy women's pajamas anytime with the help of my keyboard, lol! Seriously, shopping has never been this easy. I admit I'm a certified online shopper, can no longer count how many times I've purchased over the internet. Some are skeptical about buying online though but as for me, fortunate enough to find really good stores. Since my thoughts are about womens pajamas, there's one site I like to visit.(just follow the links) It has the largest selection of sleeping attires, you'll definitely love all their designs. It's just a little expensive though so be sure to check out their clearance sale for lots of bargains. Now am just looking for styles, maybe if I have time I can sew one for me, and yes for the kids too. Winks!