Thursday, January 7, 2010

My First Crush

His name starts with letter S! SHERWIN i don't know his last name which i wish i knew it coz otherwise i could check him at facebook, LOL. Anyway, back then i was 12years old and that time me and cousin jerla had to stay for a couple of weeks in our relatives house to be with our cousins while their parents are in the vacation. So to make my story short, they have several neighbors that are so close to them and hang out with them most of the time and a couple happened to be their son my aunt is trying to fix on me. So develop occurred hahaha i don't know how it happen but i found myself crushing this guy and get excited whenever i saw him lol! Oh well that was 17years ago and when recalling that all i can do is laugh!!!! (on the record he was just my crush then and nothing come to posibilty).


K said...

true, true. our childhood memories are silly most of the times. but at least, it makes us smile (laugh, even). liked your entry! :)

btw, here's my entry. :)

nikogirl said...

our childhood memories always bring smile to our face.. :) sillly and funny but it made our past more memorable right??

thanks for joining GT this week girl.. see you next week!!

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