Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lock for my son!

I was so nervous the other day and up until now I still feel fussy when I think about it. I'm talking about my son Josh, he went outside our house without me noticing it! Alright, I was changing my daughter when I noticed he wasn't around. Thought he was just in his room playing or watching TV. But when I gave it a check, he wasn't there! And there I saw, our backdoor unlocked. He played with his mower at the backyard, with all the mud and all! What a silly boy!

I think we need more baby proofing products and other child safety tips and items. I mean, we need a more complicated lock so that the little man can't figure out how to open it, lol! Seriously, we should get Child Safety Locks and baby gates soon. Good thing these products are easy to avail nowadays and also getting cheap. Well I found the widest selection of baby proofing products at KidSafe and I like it. The safety of our children are so important, every mommy should agree with me. Oh boy, kids will be kids!


黃金獵犬 said...

最偉大的天才如果終日躺在草地上,讓微風吹拂,眼望天空,那麼溫柔的 靈感也不會光顧他的。 ....................................................

Kurdapyaz said...

HUH?????? LOL!