Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty little friends!

Have you seen these amazing little birds? Am talking about hummingbirds I think this is the coolest bird I ever seen in my life! So tiny and awesome looking creature. I learned that hummingbirds have been adored by many, admired in artworks since ancient times and, means honor. They are truly remarkable and fascinating little fellas. My favorite specie is the Anna's humming bird. Named after the the duchess of Rivoli, Anna Massena, this pretty little bird has a distinct bronze or glossy green color. It is found mostly in the States and loves to stay in areas where most plants bloom. Aren't hummingbirds lovely? It's no wonder my mother in law always do ways to bring these elusive little birds into her yard during this type of season because she loves and enjoy watching them. She even collects several kinds of hummingbirds figurine in her china cabinet. That's one thing I learned to love them because my Mom gave me a hummingbird feeder before and she said it attracts them. It'll make them get closer to you, which is true I saw them just 4 feet away from my window. It's the coolest!! So since it's hummingbird season this time i wanted to get a feeder for me and for my mother in-law i guess it is a perferct gift to gift. I found one, it's a glass hummingbird feeder. It's so whimsical, mom will surely love it! Well, I guess gonna snag this one soon lol!