Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2months now

Time flying by so fast my Bebe girl is 2 months old now (9weeks)! She is growing like weed everyday and all i know she's big girl already yikes! She weigh almost 15lbs now and long, just loved to sleep and sleep then when she's hungry she cries out loud if you won't feed her just yet! Well what can i expect that's all babies do right? the triple P's... papa, popo, pipi and of course meme, lol. I'm glad she's just healthy growing baby even she caught stuffy nose from her brother kurdapyo last week but she's not a hard baby to handle just like her mama when i was a baby my mom said i am so tame and quite if not feeling good. Tomorrow is her 2months shots i hope she'll be fine with it, i can't stand them crying when needles are poking at them that hurts! :-((