Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oatmeal in breakfast

Yea! am eating just oatmeal in breakfast lately because this is the only quickiest thing i can fix for my self when baby and kurdapyo gets antsy or whiny i can not seat and have a real breakfast on the table. Well, so far so good im kinda used to it already and good thing for me that way i loss weight rapidly without taking any diet pills yet, lol! Infact oatmeal is the best source of losing excess weight in your body naturally you know that's what my younger sissy did when she thought it is the right time for her to loss those baby fats long time ago (10years ago). She ates oatmeal at breakfast and snacks that's it and the results walahhh she is sexier than her Ate Kurdapya! haha. Anyway, am determine to losing weight so i will stick to this idea just to have oatmeal or fruits in the morning and i can see some results already i am losing half of my pregnancy weight now. Yay Me!!! lol.

Have a wonderful Tuesday morning to you all!