Tuesday, May 12, 2009

for my lady cousin

The box am sending to the Philippines is almost ready. I'm pretty sure everything in my list are already here. Mom asked for old baby clothes and shoes, she'll be giving it to a childhood friend of mine who's now pregnant. Toiletries are here, the perfume, purses and of course sissy's request are anything but food, lol! Chocolates, candies, cake mixes, spams, and so on. Am a good sister so I'd pamper her appetite! And how can I forget the bathing suit my cousin was asking! She's such a sweet girl and now that she's finally a young lady, bathing suits should not be missing in her closet. Not those super sexy and daring though, just the pretty and cutie type of smimwear. I found this black knit spaghetti strap mini dress at Amiclubwear, the shop for girls. Must say I really like it! It would be so nice to wear this with your favorite swimsuit. It looks so chic, classy, and it will definitely emphasize your beautiful body! My cousin will love this for sure. Family back home are so anticipating to receive my box, lol! Guys be patient, it's coming soon! Winks!

Oh by the way, to all the girls out there, check out the site too. You'll find pretty dresses and trendy shoes, and funky accessories, I bet you'll enjoy shopping here too!