Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Looking for something unique gift ideas for baby shower? Well, you can customized your gift from now on. There is no better way than making it more special than just a gift that you buy from store. Why not put a lil bit of homemade touch by you! Weeks ago it was my sister in-law's baby shower, i thought of instead giving her a simply baby clothes why not personalized it. So here how this cute and fancy box i made became an apple of their eyes, lol. I bought a pack of 4 onesies with different floral flowers, 4 pairs of solid color baby infant socks, scraps of leftover ribbons, confetti paper and a round cake board. First i roll the onesies along with the socks in the  middle of it to form a rose petals and rolled it continuously and repeatedly until all fours are done. Cut the round cake box on the edges and formed it like a mini box. Glued the confetti then place the homemade cupcake formed onesies. Then use the scraps ribbons for the final touch. So that's the finished product! It's so cute actually. The mom to be loved it!