Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bows

Hello mommies! How's your day so far? Anyway, mine is busy as always and a little bit more fun than usual because as i mentioned in my recent post than I'm into new hobby right now doing crafts for my little dolly girl, haha! Both of us get along very well when it comes to this i love making stuff while she enjoy being my model. 

Anyway, for today's project momshe created a bow that is shape like bow ties. I tell you mom's out there it is so easy to make for your lil one. Here you can see what do we need: 3 ribbons with different sizes, a scissor, glue gun & a glue stick, thread and needles. 

 Then you also need couple of hair pins or fascinators it depend on how you wanted you ribbons gonna be. And so taadahh... My finished product! She loves it, thank goodness otherwise it cost me a lot to buy hair accessories every now and then you know girls! Wink.