Sunday, May 15, 2011

More tiling job

I bet this tiling job we have lately is never gonna end soon. Although i am so busy in other things but i want to help my husband to finish the bathroom floors of his parents, i admit i'm not that old haha body is still stretcy,lol. So anyway yesterday was the start of laying those tiles, good thing they are like 18" square foot so it is not so hard to put down in but we're so exhausted after the long day of labor because of too much bending and cutting, at least I'm the one on the floor most of the time putting morters and laying it down he's in the cutting and aligning them. Then today is the finale will grout it and put vanities and showers back together. Sure it is fun, haha but seriously i kinda like the job but just too much of bending and kneeling so make sure have padding's on the knee you know. And so after this bathroom we have another lining rooms to do! OMG.