Monday, April 25, 2011

Hi there!

Before checking this social security disability @ allsup, let me ask how's everybody's weekend so far? Ours is great. Tax time was over, at least the hectic and super busy days for everybody in the office is over. We had a wonderful dinner last day of tax time with all the staff and the kids were along with us. It feels good to finally relax and take things slow but not that slow we are going busy in other things again. Spring is here so we might go for a short vacation too. I still dunno if our Florida trip will push through, but I'm quite sure there are better plans and better reasons so let's wait and see. Anyway, I need to check this site because i have a friend who asking me about this stuff might as well i have ideas about it!

So, how's everyone been doing lately? Oh might as well visit your blogs after this and find out. Winks!


vicy said...

We had a wonderful weekend with my husbands family. Mackenzie had her first egg hunting yesterday. Nways, Droppin by here also sis. How are you?


katy said...

hi sis,

not so good weekend..i was infected with sore eyes thats why i wasnt able to go to work until this about u..

Lina Gustina said...

I have busy weekend :)