Tuesday, October 21, 2008

14 weeks!

We just arrived from my OB's appointment couple hours ago. I am confirmed 14weeks pregnant! we heard our baby's heart beat pretty good but we're late for my ultrasound app and need to be rescheduled well not a problem though next visit we will have my ultrasound. I am happy with the staff and my new OB, they are so nice and accommodating. Now i am excited for my pregnancy i wasn't really at first because I'm not that sure yet, but now it is confirmed so totally mix emotion happy and anxious and everything haha! My son will be big brother soon and I'm sure he'll be a good one because we can see already him with other kids, he is friendly and sympathetic boy.


kang yong said...

congratulation for your pregnant! Please take a good care =)

Cindy said...

congratulations!!! I on my way trying to conceive! Wish me luck! btw, would you like to exchange link?