Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Double work

While doing blogging right now, i do laundries and at the same feeding my son! wow what a job huh! Yep, since i got my baby I'm used of triple or so chores at the same time. I did this and i did that, so that in no time everything are done and i can have my long break and relax. It will take me sometimes again to do some chores because I'm a type of person that i will do it at once from start to finish but if I'm lazy too... well, that is another story haha i can stop working right away with out a second thought and just being lazy butt. That's why i have moments that i need to double time my errands and chores. I sneak out for a moment to check here while waiting for the dryer to finish and load the second batch of laundry! meanwhile my son in the living is enjoying munching his crackers! OK, I need to check him now...