Thursday, July 3, 2008

sony is alot better

Thank God that he is feeling better right now, we went to his pedia yesterday for his well check up and the doctor said that he is doing right and growing normally... well that's the only thing parents wanna hear from their child that he grows on the way it use to be hehe. But oh boy while we we're there Bebe at first he was just calmed while the nurse checking him but after when the doc was the one touches him he is kinda wild wild froggy screaming to the max! had to held him tight because he will really loose what a strong baby i may say. His doctor told so to get a blood test procedure for him just to make sure he doesn't have any contact with lead or what so ever it is MANDATORY thing for child's well. So we headed to laboratory, take some blood .. supposed to be in his arm but i refused to do so and asked the nurse just poke him in his finger tip because that was hurt in my own experienced and i CAN'T imagine son screaming and kicking to the highest level if we done that! my goodness i couldn't watch it! i started to get emotional just thinking of it! huhuhu just motherly instinct huh!