Saturday, May 31, 2008

good job bebe

My 14month old son took this picture of mine while i was feeding him the other day. Mama was not feeling that very good that day because my wisdom tooth was been hurting that's why my face was like that haha, i did funny faces to him, we're playing at the same time feeding him his breakfast. Bebe is so grabby of everything he sees... anything name it he will grab it! like our remotes, Cd's, clicking on the DVDs player and.... my cellphones is his favorite gadgets ever, if he is moody or cranky I'll just hand him my poor cp and he's fine but trying to press the keypad, on the record you know he knows how to call his dada, auntie and cousin heather and even our close brother in faith my son called him at 4 in the morning lol it was so funny and embarrassing but they're OK they just laughed on it! silly boy!! And right now he is very interested with my digital camera if he sees it surely it's on his hand trying to keep away from him but this moment... he got his chance mommy taught him to took one! haha. I'm so proud of him!