Monday, March 24, 2008


I been so exhausted lately as in to the highest point! lacking of sleep at night... because my son has been sick almost a week now and he wants his momi all the time i guess it's true that when kids are not feeling good they always looking for their mommies instead to the dads! even just a second i am out of his sight right now he started crying and become so grouchy and all that kind thing! poor baby i don't want him seeing like this with all the runny nose and congestion & everything! trying to make him comfortable as i can yet i am so tired and drained and need to sleep right now i wish i have here my family to take turns for me and hubby, his also tired i know yet his not complaining.. right now he do mostly of the chores around the house cooking, washing dishes, cleaning etcccc. team parenting is what it said share the work so save the marriage!